Ayurvedic medicine, herbs and supplements for a healthy and happy lifestyle.


Ayurvedasara means the essence of Ayurveda. Here we are giving you the core concepts of Ayurveda, classical ayurvedic diagnosis and effective Ayurveda treatment along with lifestyle modifications including ayurvedic diet.

We firmly believe and it is the time tested truth that Ayurveda treatment comprises of three parts.

1. Medicine: Ayurveda treatment includes pre Panchakarma treatments like Pachana (aiding digestion) , swedana (fomentation) snehana (use of oil or ghee internally/ externally), Main Panchakarma procedures like ""Vamana(vomitting), Virechana(purging), Basti (medicated enema), Nasya (nasal drops), Raktamokshana (blood -letting) and post Panchakarma procedures like dhumapana, gandusha plus the various types of ayurvedic medicines.

2. Ayurvedic diet: which includes the exclusion of incompatible foods from diet, advice of food based on its therapeutic value. Because we believe that diets are also another form of ayurvedic treatment since it has the potentiality to imbalance the doshes, if not properly followed.


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